Kayre Michelle Hylton, User Experience Researcher and Usability Professional


The Goal: Evaluate the ZOOM application, discover user pain points, and provide recommendations on enhancements.

Additional Team Members: One Information Architect and One Visual Designer

The Approach:
Heuristic Evaluation
I conducted a Heuristic Evaluation, as specifically requested by the client. The evaluation covered seventeen different sections of the application and included recommendations. Using Nielsen's heuristics, I also provided a summary of the findings by heuristic, detailing both how the application performed in that area as well as what the experience in a best in class application of its type might be.

Observations and Interviews
I made a case to the client that a heuristic evaluation on its own would not be sufficient to achiever her goals. I recommended that we have user touchpoints to validate what we found in the evaluation, better understand the users' (customer service representatives) tasks and how they use the application to achieve their goals, and discover any issues that would be more apparent in the context of a workflow.

I conducted 90-minute sessions with 12 users. For the first half of each session I observed them taking calls and performing their tasks, and for the second half of each session I asked questions to follow up on behaviors observed during calls and dig deeper on gaps from the heuristic evaluation.

Delivered the Heuristic Evaluation as well as a final report, which included detailed findings and recommendations from the Observations and Interviews. The recommendations were used by the Information Architect and Visual Designer to create wireframes and mock ups of a redesigned system.