Kayre Michelle Hylton, User Experience Researcher and Usability Professional

Marketing Storefront

The Goal: Help determine the organizational structure of the Marketing Storefront website.

Additional Team Members: None

The Approach:
Card Sort
Eighteen agents participated in this study and each used an online card sorting tool to sort 101 cards representing key marketing items available for order on the website. The agents were able to create groups that were two levels deep using the tool.

In order to encourage a higher rate of completion, as well as get some qualitative feedback, I desired to be present during each card sort. However, the time line defined by the client did not allow time for 18 individual sessions (originally 20 scheduled). Instead, I scheduled a few agents at a time, had them call into a conference number, provided instructions, then allowed them to individually complete their sorts. Once they had finished, I asked questions to gain more insight into how they viewed and used the marketing materials, and why they created the groups that they did.

The agents then submitted their sort via the online tool, and I analyzed the results using standard card sorting analysis tools, including a Participant x Card Matrix, Group x Card Matrix, Group Summary and Dendogram.

Delivered a final report, which included recommendations on primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of organizational structure. I also provided qualitative insights and other key findings on special items.