Kayre Michelle Hylton, User Experience Researcher and Usability Professional

Goal: Understand the end-to-end experience a customer has with Nationwide across policies and channels, from an internal process perspective.
[Multi-room Validation Test]
Associate Collaboration Experience
Goal: Discover Nationwide Associates' ideal collaboration experience, and provide a way to evaluate collaboration tools for potential future purchase.
[Focus Groups, Affinity Diagramming, Workshop, Excel Tool Development, Storyboards]
Purchase Experience
Goal: Determine relevant opportunities in the purchase space, across all channels.
[Contextual Interviews, Conceptual Models, Journey Maps, Workshop, Affinity Diagraming, Storyboards]

Desired Agency Experience
Goal: Determine how to design an ideal experience for insurance agents for their key tasks.
[Task Analysis, Contextual Interviews, Process Mapping, Scenarios]
Homeowners Insurance
Goal: Design an ideal online quote and purchase experience for homeowners insurance.
[Competitive Analysis, Interviews, Usability Tests (RITE and Validation)]
Renters Insurance
Goal: Determine what is lacking in current Renters Insurance online quote and purchase experience and whether certain concepts would improve the experience.
[Diary Studies, Interviews, Mental Model, RITE, Storyboard]
Marketing Storefront
Goal: Help determine the organizational structure of the Marketing Storefront website.
[Card Sort]
Goal: Evaluate the ZOOM application, discover user pain points, and provide recommendations on enhancements.
[Heuristic Evaluation, Observations, Contextual Interviews]
Determine relevant opportunities for Pitney Bowes in the health care space.
[Affinity Diagramming, Interviews, Bodystorming, Observations, Conceptual Models, Scenarios.]