Kayre Michelle Hylton, User Experience Researcher and Usability Professional

Desired Agency Experience

The Goal: Determine how to design an ideal experience for insurance agents for their key tasks.

Additional Team Members: One Information Architect

The Approach:
Scope Setting
Previous research had been conducted that identified the high-level task categories in an agent's current experience, themes of pain points, and themes of a desired experience.

We first conducted a prioritization exercise with our business partners to determine which task categories were most important to focus on. We decided to focus in the first phase on the activities relating to quoting and selling auto and property policies.

Task Analysis and Interviews
I facilitated individual sessions with 14 agents who used 4 different sets of quoting applications.

After the agent visits:
A second phase of this project was conducted with similar methodology, where we focused on the tasks of handling policy changes, billing activities, managing trailing documents, and marketing.