Kayre Michelle Hylton, User Experience Researcher and Usability Professional

Associate Collaboration Experience

The Goal: Discover Nationwide Associates' ideal collaboration experience, and provide a way to evaluate collaboration tools for potential future purchase.

Additional Team Members: One Researcher

The Approach:
We reviewed external research on collaboration, as well as information provided by our business partners on user profiles (of different types of Nationwide employees) and work patterns. For our discovery effort, we defined dimensions of messages collaborated, methods of collaboration, and collaboration ecosystems. We used this consistent language throughout the remaining phases of the project.

Focus Groups
We co-facilitated 11 group sessions with 43 associates total, across the 7 identified user profiles. Associates discussed their collaboration experience during key tasks, and needs were identified through a discussion of message, delivery method, and collaboration ecosystem dimensions, as well as pain points and positive highlights.

Evaluation Rubric
We created an affinity diagram of needs, and then translated each set of needs into capabilities that may be present in a collaboration tool. We then created an Evaluation Rubric, using an Excel spreadsheet with an extensive set of macros. The tool allows the user to evaluate any tool based on relevant sets of capabilities, and evaluate its performance of satisfying the needs of any chosen user profile.

Co-led a half-day working session with stakeholders. The workshop included the following activities:

Delivered a final report, which included additional learnings on each user profile, five key Collaboration Experience Themes, current and ideal experience storyboards, a refined Evaluation Rubric, and a Dimensions worksheet that our clients could use to continue to discover user needs and add capabilities to the Rubric.